Dining at Chez Flottes

A FAMILY FRIEND who stopped off for a couple of nights in Paris on his way to Burgundy treated my wife and me to dinner last night at Chez Flottes in rue Cambon in the 1st arrondissement.

Angus (84 years young) was staying at the Hotel Cambon, which is just across the road from Chez Flottes.

We kicked off proceedings with a  glass of kir de Chardonnay each. We decided to skip starters and plunged straight into the mains.

I chose pièce de boeuf de Salers avec sauce béarnaise et frites while Angus and the Frog Queen opted for the tartare de saumon cru et fumé, citron vert et coriandre; it was served with a warm salad of French beans, red onions, mushrooms,  and red and yellow peppers. They pronounced their choice delicious; my steak was cooked as asked, medium rare, and was tender and tasty. Satisfied customers.

I skipped dessert but my wife couldn’t resist the grande profiterole avec glace vanille et sauce chocolat. Angus had a plate of cheese from which I managed to snaffle a chunk. And he also had a nougat glacé avec un coulis de fruits rouges for his dessert.

We washed all these delights down with a carafe or so of Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

Good food, good company, good conversation, the evening sped away and soon, too soon, we were saying farewell and disappearing into the Parisian night to go back home to the banlieue.

Merci beaucoup Angus and bon voyage!

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10 responses to “Dining at Chez Flottes

  1. Good meal with good friends… It doesn’t get any better.

  2. What a super way to meet up.

  3. How lovely. I wish Angus would make it out to Australia !

  4. I used to regard Chez Flottes almost as the office canteen, since it was round the corner from the office-cum-home. Loved a dish they did of confit de canard and well remember the jugs of wine. Mind, from memory, it wasn’t cheap. It was also the first place I ever used a cafe/restaurant/bar’s wifi connection (when the Telegraph had neglected to put some dosh in the office bank account and Orange, its monthly DD unpaid, simply cut us off)

  5. i’ve never heard of a kir de chardonnay but it sounds like a very civilized start to a memorable meal.

  6. I love the name Angus. It carries flavours of mountains and fast flowing streams and purple heather and shaggy Highland cattle…. don’t you think so?

  7. Shammy,

    Yes, I agree. And the menu included an entrecote “Angus”, 300 grams, et frites! Tempted to order in Angus’s honour but it was too much in price (29 euros) and weight.

  8. Can’t beat good food, good wine and good company!

  9. It was an excellent evening and conversation only stopped for the mouthfuls which were good. While the name.may indicate the highlands i9 am more of a Sassenach by living all my life in England.

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