Musical Monday: Vera Lynn

Bon anniversaire Frog Queen!

Wife birthday card 2

Musical Monday: The Moody Blues

Il faut cultiver notre jardin . . .

. . . especially our front lawn. But, to be candid, I can’t be bothered to mow it and, anyway, I love dandelions. And the sun has got its chapeau on so I don’t want to dice with sunstroke.

Keep off the grass: The lawn mower and I obviously have.

Keep off the grass: The lawn mower and I obviously have.

And this is our cherry tree in full blossom. Bees and other flying things are noisily and hungrily ransacking the pollen.


Musical Monday: Tight Fit

Grand National: Perfect result

Grand National sweepstake April 2015It’s Grand National Day in Britain today. But we don’t want to be left out here in Paris so I have been running for the past five years or so a sweepstake for the family.

It’s a no-brainer for my children – they don’t pay any stake but pocket the loot if their horse wins.

I printed off a special sweepstake kit from the BBC website this morning. Then Princess Perfect plucked out a name, sight unseen, and each horse was allocated in turn. As Brainbox wasn’t here he drew the short straw of only having nine horses while the rest of us had 10. Still, in years gone past BB has usually won, often the main prize.

Her Royal Frogness and I stump up the huge prize money so it’s in our interest to win. The stakes are enormous: the winner gets 10 euros with second place getting 6 euros, third 3 euros and fourth 2 euros.

And now to the winners:

1. Many Clouds (Princess Perfect)

2. Saint Are (Frog Queen)

3. Monbeg Dude (Dumdad)

4. Shutthefrontdoor (Frog Queen)

Not  a bad result for my wife and I – we only have to pay out 10 euros, not 21 euros.

Everyone’s a winner!

Musical Monday: The Fortunes