Musical Monday: Clutch

Phew, wot a scorcher!

ThermometerThe temperature in Paris today has soared to a sizzling 32 degrees Celsius, which is nearly 90 degrees in real money (Fahrenheit).

The Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius invented his temperature scale in the 18th century round about the same time as the German physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit was concocting his own system.

I have to say that Celsius is much easier to use, with freezing being at 0 degrees and boiling at 100 degrees. Danny boy set his scale at 32 for freezing and 212 for boiling. Not very logical.

And let’s not introduce into this mix the Kelvin system thought up by the Belfast-born physicist William Thompson, 1st Baron Kelvin.

The British are an odd lot because when the weather is very hot the newspapers use the Fahrenheit scale and headline with the temperature hitting the 90s, but if there’s a cold snap they revert to centigrade, informing us that the temperature has plummeted below 0°.

Whatever system one uses, it’s a hot one today and I was sweating during my morning walk in my eco-parc.

Musical Monday: Elkie Brooks

Look what I got for my birthday – dead good!

Walking Dead Season 3I got hooked on The Walking Dead TV series, starring Andrew Lincoln, after my daughter bought me the first season for Father’s Day. I wrote about that here.

I quickly devoured that and bought myself Season 2 from that nice man Mr. Amazon.

A few days ago I (sob, sob) watched the thirteenth and final episode.

But yesterday my wife surprised me with Season 3 – and there are 16 episodes. TV bliss or what.

Let the biting begin (again)!

Musical Monday: Donnalou Stevens

Ee bah gum, Tour de France starts in Yorkshire

Even the sheep in Yorkshire are excited about the Tour de France.

Even the sheep in Yorkshire are excited about the Tour de France.

The Grand Depart of the Tour de France starts today in Yorkshire, Britain’s largest county.

Today’s opening stage sees 198 riders pedal their way from Leeds to Harrogate via the rugged and beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

Tomorrow’s second stage is from York to Sheffield while the third stage in England will end on The Mall in London. The Tour then pops over to France.

I lived in Leeds when I were a lad and holidayed often in the Yorkshire Dales with my family. We used to stay in a rundown cottage in Starbotton, a village with one pub and one post office.

My siblings and I would go up to the farm every morning to buy milk that was served straight from the cow. Ee it were grand.

Anyroad up, the Tour with all its thrills and spills lasts three weeks culminating in Paris on Sunday 27th July.

Money from Malta

Malta 50 centSince the euro was introduced in France in 2002, my wife and I have been checking our loose change to see what different countries had found their way into our pockets.

Coins from Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Holland, Portugal, Ireland, Luxembourg and Austria are common sights but occasionally we discover a “rare” one.

This week my wife found a Maltese 50 cent coin. Excitement in our household or what! (Yes, I really must get out more). So, the coin from the lovely island of Malta takes its place in our little collection box.

Our box also contains coins from Finland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Cyprus and San Marino.

One day I hope to find a coin from the Vatican city, God willing.