Why some people are a waste of space

Why use trash cans when a bench and the ground are so much more convenient?

Why use trash cans when a bench and the ground are so much more convenient?

I was enthusing about my beloved eco-parc only a few days ago on my blog, here, commenting how lovely it is and how empty it often is.

But my little bit of quasi-paradise in Paris has the occasional snake in the grass, so to speak. I blogposted about hoodie morons and their motorbikes disturbing the peace last year here and also about idiotic vandals scrawling on the nice wooden benches here.

And now today, another gorgeous, hot, sunny one, the litter louts have struck again. I think these wankers come into the park after dark and get wrecked and blotto lying on the grass and watching the panoramic lightshow of Paris below them.

Most days there is some debris by the benches – cigarette butts, bottles etc – but not in such quantities as pictured here.

I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man but it pisses me off that this lovely eco-parc is tarnished like this daily. On the grand scale of worldwide ills this is a very trivial matter. But still.

Eco-parc Tuesday 16 September BC

And the thing that is more irksome is that within three or four feet of this bench (and that applies to all the benches) there is a big metal rubbish bin.

The council cleaners come round the park almost daily so tomorrow that mess will have gone.

Oh well, rant over. It’s too nice a day to be angry.

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Enjoying the September sun

Eco-parc 12th September 2014 A

HERE on the other side of Paris I am basking in a glorious, warm September day.

And where better to enjoy this radiance than in my little eco-parc, which is a leisurely 5-minute walk from my house.

Eco-parc 12th September 2014 BAnd, incredibly, the park was completely empty. Just me and the wonderful view and the silence. Lovely.

I’m beginning to suspect that a lot of people in my neighbourhood are not aware of the existance of this little oasis. There are no signposts indicating it and it is hidden from the road.

Good, may it long stay a place of quiet and thoughtful rest.

Back to Marks and Sparks

Feast your eyes on this little lot.

Feast your eyes on this little lot.

I haven’t been back to dear old Blighty in nearly a year and a half so I decided to get a whiff of God’s Own Country yesterday by popping into a Marks and Spencer food hall, namely the one that’s recently opened in La Défense.

Although La Défense is on the other side of Paris from my house I have a direct route on the RER (Line A).

My trip, door to door, took me only two hours.

Before I started plundering the Marks and Sparks food hall I bought a copy of the Daily Telegraph for old time’s sake; I worked there as a journalist for 13 years. I rarely buy Brit newspapers now because they are SO DAMNED EXPENSIVE!

The Daily Telegraph sells for a eye-watering 4 euros. It’s really not worth it but I bought it all the same, partly to do the cryptic and quick crosswords; I’m very rusty but I completed the double in just under an hour.

But the main event was buying M&S foodie goodies. This is what I bought (see photo):

16 pork sausages; 2 Scotch eggs; crispy aromatic duck dinner for four; a pork and egg pie; 8 rashers of British smoked back bacon; 6 wholemeal bread rolls; a loaf of farmhouse white bread; and two sandwiches – a New York deli-style pastrami on rye bread (for me) and an Aberdeen Angus beef, red onion chutney and mustard (for the wife). That little lot of home comfort food cost about 46 euros.

The last time I went to a Marks and Sparks in Paris was in December 2012 and that was a mini-disaster that you can read here.

But this time my visit to M&S was trouble free and enjoyable. Hmmm, this could become habit forming.

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Indian summer?

My eco-parc this morning with its great view of Paris including the Eiffel Tower and the Tour Montparnasse. And my lovely stones standing guard over the park.

My eco-parc this morning with its great view of Paris including the Eiffel Tower and the Tour Montparnasse. And my lovely stones (right) standing guard over the park.

The weather has perked up today – sunny with a high of 25° forecast.

After buying a baguette and doing some shopping (it’s la rentrée and most businesses are back in business following a long summer’s vacation), I went for a stroll in my local eco-parc.

I’ve enthused often about this tiny oasis in the midst of the hubbub of Paris, for example here. It boasts a spectacular panoramic view of Paris and is very quiet with not a sound of traffic. And very often it is completely empty. Today I saw about five or six people passing through.

The summer has been a bit disappointing this year – not quite hot enough and often rainy, which put the dampeners on barbecues.

Still, it’s sunny and warm now with a forecast of 28° on Friday. Let’s hope the Indian summer continues.



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